D2R Items Filter Mod

What make Diablo II unique and enjoyable is the items system and the way that you can get drops and trade your items freely with everybody, and those items not being account bound, unless they are personalized.

However, just like with many game where items “drop”, sometime it become hard to see what item you want to pick-up or not, and it can even degrade the playing experience, here an example:

Diablo II: Resurrected has a built-in MOD system that we can use to do many things, such as changing the name of items. There are two way to use the MOD system, either by making a stand alone MOD, or by modifying the necessary string files unpacked from the D2R Game Files.

By using our D2R MULTI LAUNCHER tool, you can make use of this built-in MOD system and apply some modification to the name of some items, and make it way more comfortable to play with, here an example:

It is important to mention that it is NOT made to allow you or to help you cheat, abuse or hack the game in any way. It does ONLY allow you to edit the name of some items (Aesthetic MOD Changes Only) using the built-in MOD system of Diablo II: Resurrected, but like everything good in life, it come with a small print:

We highly doubt that Blizzard will proceed to ban the use of the MOD system just for Aesthetic MOD Changes Only, but you have been warned that there are always a possibility and by using our D2R MULTI LAUNCHER application, you understand and agree to use it at your own risk as we provide no liability or warranty about it.